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Since 2006, the Transport Research Arena (TRA) takes place every two years. TRA is the major conference on transport in Europe, supported by the European Commission, the Conference of European Road Directors, and the three European Technology Platforms: the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC), ERRAC and the WATERBORNE TP.

The conference topics address the main challenges in transport and mobility of people and goods, with respect to energy, environment, safety and security and economy issues. TRA aims to explore the most advanced research works and innovations, the latest technological and industrial developments and implementations, and innovative policies, in Europe and worldwide. As a wide and open forum open to all interested parties, it is a unique occasion to promote and improve European competitiveness and efficiency in transportation.

In 2012, in Athens, all land transport modes were invited for the first time: road, rail and waterborne showing together their R&I achievement to Europe. ERRAC was of course present to represent the railway sector initiatives in the research field. This conference was the opportunity for industry, operators, academics, research centres and policy makers to exchange their knowledge and best practices regarding innovation, research and development in the transport sector.” This ERRAC engagement was continued to the subsequent editions, TRA2016 in Warsaw, Poland from 18 – 21 April 2016 being the last one to this date.

TRA 2018

TRA 2018, which will take place in Vienna, Austria from 16th to 19th April 2018, under the heading “A digital Era for Transport” will place the emphasis on digitisation, automatisation and decarbonisation as the major trends that will drastically change the way European citizens live, work and relax.

Key focus areas will be:

  • How digitalisation is transforming transport & mobility systems
  • Decarbonisation & future growth – how to change our mobility system & remain competitive
  • Shaping the new mobility landscape – a vision for transport & mobility for Europe
  • The TRA 2018 programme will include a range of different session formats offering many opportunities to share information on recent findings and to discuss the aforementioned challenges and opportunities. In scientific and technical sessions, a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities will be discussed, ranging from basic research findings over application-oriented engineering and socio-economic aspects to policies and standards.
    For the very first time, the air sector will join TRA through ACARE while representatives from the transport sector around the world will also be part of the conference. ERRAC will of course participate to this new edition in order to represent the European railway sector, seeking to further boost cooperation with other modes, learning from and exchanging with all of them.
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