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Since 2006, the Transport Research Arena (TRA) takes place every two years. TRA is the major conference on transport in Europe, supported by the European Commission, the Conference of European Road Directors, and the three European Technology Platforms: the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC), ERRAC and the WATERBORNE TP.

The conference topics address the main challenges in transport and mobility of people and goods, with respect to energy, environment, safety and security and economy issues. TRA aims to explore the most advanced research works and innovations, the latest technological and industrial developments and implementations, and innovative policies, in Europe and worldwide. As a wide and open forum open to all interested parties, it is a unique occasion to promote and improve European competitiveness and efficiency in transportation.

In 2012, in Athens, all land transport modes were invited for the first time: road, rail and waterborne showing together their R&I achievement to Europe. ERRAC was of course present to represent the railway sector initiatives in the research field. This conference was the opportunity for industry, operators, academics, research centres and policy makers to exchange their knowledge and best practices regarding innovation, research and development in the transport sector.

TRA 2020

Transport Research Arena 2020, will take place in Helsinki, Finland from 27th to 30th April 2020

For four days, TRA 2020 will gather over 3,000 decision-makers from the research, business and public sector to discuss the latest research and innovation in the field of transport and mobility. The conference visitors will be catered with over 100 sessions ranging from plenaries and strategic sessions up to technical and scientific sessions.

The themes of TRA2020 – climate change, new mobility services, infrastructure and European competitiveness – strive for tackling some of the most compelling issues of today. To find sustainable solutions and competitive innovations, transportation specialists from all around the world will share their best ideas, achievements and practices with each other. Whether you are representing research, industry or policy, join TRA 2020 next spring! Ideas and viewpoints from all sectors are crucial for achieving something genuinely ground-breaking. Learn more about the TRA2020 plenary themes.

In addition to offering a great forum to debate and discuss emerging topics in research and transport, TRA2020 is also an excellent opportunity to showcase innovations and ideas to a European-wide audience, including the EU commission and European Technology Platforms.

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