The ERRAC Roadmap CSA project was designed to support the Advisory Council in its work and has focussed for a period of 3 years on the drafting and delivery of concrete and detailed roadmaps on common European R&D to implement the ERRAC Strategic Rail Research Agenda (SRRA). The ERRAC-ROADMAPS project started on 1 June 2009 and ran for three years and two months.

The ERRAC SRRA was built up on 6 pillars:

1. Energy and Environment

2. Personal Security

3. Test, Homologation and Safety

4. Competitiveness and enabling technologies

5. Strategy and Economics

6. Infrastructure


The ERRAC member chose to “translate” these pillars into the 5 priorities of the FP7 Transport program and thus has developed 9 – interrelated – Rail Research Roadmaps in the areas of Energy, Noise & vibration and Sustainable design & procurement, Passenger and Freight – medium & long distance – transport, Urban Mobility (developed together with ERTRAC) Urban, sub-urban and regional rail transport, Safety & security and Competitiveness (which includes rail infrastructure).

In addition to this and feeding into the Roadmaps, the ERRAC Roadmap project has developed a method and evaluated in detail more than 75 EU funded rail research projects, especially looking at the implementation of their results. This has led to the definition of projects with strong, medium and low “market uptake” and the factors influencing this as well as to recommendations for building up a proposal and consortium.

ERRAC- ROADMAP covers research related to all types of freight and passenger rail services as well as their interaction with other modes within the transport system (High Speed and conventional rail over long, medium and short distances, as well as urban rail and co-modal services). Through its work it implements the ERRAC Strategic Rail Research Agenda SRRA. It is setting the agenda and describing the targets between now and 2020, identifying what is needed to get there, what steps to take, how to facilitate this, what barriers to overcome etc. in other words to manage the way forward towards realizing the Vision 2020 for a sustainable European Railway system.