Mission & Aims

The objective of this project has been to develop a framework of quality roadmaps structured around each of the key work packages identified by the ERRAC European Technology Platform. These roadmaps identify research needed to such a level of detail that the information contained within them can be directly transposed into actual research projects to be developed. The roadmaps also identify synergies and interrelationships between the individual research activities and they will be used as a tool to stimulate private and public, national and European research coherently. As a result it is also able to provide guidance and contribute to shape the calls of the European Commission’s Transport Work Programme.

Four major issues to be addressed have been highlighted for the ERRAC Roadmap:

  • Holistic rail strategies for the minimization of operation, environmental maintenance and inspection costs for vehicles and infrastructure in general.
  • Simple and economical rail maintenance and renovation of rail infrastructure.
  • Improved real time information systems for rail operators, infrastructure managers and customers.
  • Coordination with other public and private bodies in order to better fit the customers’ needs.