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Rail Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – December 2020

This Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the railway sector in Europe sets out how a new programme of technical and operational innovation can transform the railways’ contribution to mobility in Europe, addressing the needs of railway users, the economy and society, and protect natural resources and the environment. The SRIA has been produced on behalf of the sector by its European Technology Platform, ERRAC1 (European Rail Research Advisory Council).

RAIL 2050 VISION document

The RAIL 2050 VISION document represents the vision of the rail sector for the needs of the future railway system at the heart of mobility provision for Europe. The document sets out the important role that rail already plays in delivering economic and societal benefits in Europe and that it has the opportunity to contribute much more, taking advantage of technical developments. For this to happen RAIL 2050 VISION sets out that research and innovation (and other supporting elements, including appropriate regulatory structures) are vital and that end-user and public support for research, development and innovation in the railway of the future is necessary. The document sets out the key message that the rail sector is able and ready to offer a significant contribution to the solution of mobility expectations in both passenger and freight/logistics and support economic growth, social cohesion, competitive markets, etc. by facilitating mobility. Key to delivery of this ambitious vision will, as part of a total solution, include collaboration with transport modes so as to put customers at the forefront of our consideration. The document can be downloaded from this website, please just click on it! Rail 2050 Vision

Strategic Rail Research and Innovation Agenda

  A step change in rail research and innovation A strong rail sector is key to sustainable mobility in a low-carbon Europe. It is also essential for the growth of the European economy and for social cohesion. Rail must be a fundamental part of an integrated transport system, with each transport mode playing to its real economic strengths, to enable a more competitive European economy. ERRAC_FosterRail_SRRIA

ERRAC opinion on the new SHIFT²RAIL Joint Undertaking

ERRAC opinion on the new SHIFT²RAIL Joint Undertaking ERRAC @ the SHIFT²RAIL Stakeholder meeting On June the 20th 2014, the European Commission organised in Brussels a stakeholder meeting at the occasion of the publication of the SHIFT²RAIL draft Master plan. Officially adopted on June the 16th by the EU Council, the new SHIFT²RAIL Joint Undertaking will seek focused research and innovation (R&I) and market-driven solutions by accelerating the integration of new and advanced technologies into innovative rail product solutions. The presentation of the draft Master plan was the opportunity for ERRAC, which the ERRAC Strategic Board also acts as the SHIFT²RAIL Advisory Council, to present its opinon on this unique initiative in the  European rail sector. In presence of Mrs Manuela Soares (General Director at DG RTD) and Mr. Keir Fitch (Head of the Research and Innovation unit at DG MOVE) and their services at the  European Commission, the ERRAC Chairmanship via its Vice Chair, Mr. Manuel Pereira, expressed their support to the current SHIFT²RAIL concept and its objectives in line with priorities identified by ERRAC through its Strategic Rail Research & Innovation Agenda (SRRIA). In its presentation, Mr. Pereira, on behalf of ERRAC ,also pointed out some challenges for the development of the Joint Undertaking such as standardisation but also knowledge transfer. Finally, ERRAC ensured the European Commission of its full commitment to support the development of the rail research & innovation policy through SHIFT²RAIL but also via other financing opportunities for other rail related topics in Horizon 2020 as the new Joint Undertaking will not cover all of the ERRAC priorities from the SRRIA. ERRAC Presentation: ERRAC_S2R_stakeholder_meeting_20062014_V0 3

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