Railways are the first choice! ERRAC launches Manifesto of Future Mobility

Jun 2, 2022 | ERRAC

Railways play a vital role in keeping our cities and regions moving. They enable economic development, create employment, and connect places and people. Besides providing a safe and sustainable mode of transport, rail can tackle some of the most pressing challenges of today’s world. Too much car traffic, too many emissions, too many road fatalities: these issues can be well addressed by positioning modern railway systems at the centre of a multi-modal mobility approach.

To highlight the essential role rail must play in our mobility system, ERRAC has now launched its Manifesto of Future Mobility.

The Manifesto of Future Mobility underlines some of rail’s key benefits and emphasises the need for railways to harness the potential presented by new technological breakthroughs to provide even more attractive and affordable services to passengers and freight customers.

The Manifesto seeks to encourage policy makers, regulators and governments throughout Europe to recognise railways’ crucial role in the overall transport mix: there is no green future without railways. Only by unleashing the rail sector’s innovative potential by supporting and investing in research and innovation can we get on track to a more sustainable Europe.

‘Railways are a vital part of the solution to major societal and environmental problems such as road congestion and climate change. Besides that, the rail sector has undergone a massive digital transformation over the past decade, making it one of the most comfortable and sustainable ways to travel, whether in cities or long distance. To unleash rail’s crucial potential towards a greener future, policy makers and governments must foster and invest in continuous research and innovation in the rail sector,’ said Roland Moser, Chair of ERRAC.

 Read the Manifesto of Future Mobility!