ERRAC was set up in 2001 with the ambitious goal of creating a single European body with both the competence and capability to help revitalise the European rail sector and make it more competitive, by fostering increased innovation and guiding research efforts at European level. Within ERRAC, all major rail stakeholders are gathered. ERRAC comprises of 45 representatives from each of the major European rail research stakeholders: manufacturers, operators, infrastructure managers, the European Commission, EU Member States, academics and users’ groups. ERRAC covers all forms of rail transport: from conventional, high speed and freight applications to urban and regional services.


“ERRAC brings together all major stakeholders in the railway sector to place rail transport as the backbone of Europe’s mobility. In a single strong voice we articulate to the European institutions the needs of the sector for research and innovation in order to develop a sustainable, competitive and customer-friendly railway as part of Europe’s multimodal transport system. It is a good investment – for us, for society and for future generations.” Alberto Parrondo, chairman ERRAC


ERRAC’s primary objective is to deliver the common railway sector vision of R&I to the European Institutions and important stakeholders, in order to contribute shaping a favourable funding landscape for railway research and innovation, developing innovation via calls for projects and joint undertaking like Shift2Rail.

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This section presents the latest news regarding the activities of ERRAC. It especially presents some of the results and findings from the ERRAC institutional meetings (Plenary and Steering Committee), including the interactions of ERRAC with the other entities.



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