Next Transport Research Arena to be held in Lisbon from 14 to 17 November 2022

Oct 20, 2021 | Upcoming events

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference is the largest event entirely dedicated to European Research and Technology Conference on transport and mobility. Under the motto “Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide”, TRA Lisbon 2022 will ensure an effective engagement of citizens, industries and stakeholders in achieving societal goals. Through the development of innovative solutions, TRA Lisbon 2022 aims for a more efficient, safer, carbon-free, inclusive, and a sustainable transport in all its modes.

Planned to take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 14-17 November 2022, the event will bring together transport professionals from all over Europe and beyond, especially linked to Portugal’s national historical legacy of overseas connections.

This conference will provide a forum for the sharing of the latest innovations and solutions for the future of mobility and transport.

The TRA Lisbon 2022 will be built on the following pillars:

  • Scientific excellence, Research and innovation challenges.
  • The latest technological and industrial developments and innovative policies regarding the European Transport Research and Innovation.
  • Cooperation of Europe with other continents, thus ensuring the knowledge and experiences exchange.

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